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“ The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.  ”— Masanobu Fukuoka, 'The One Straw Revolution'

This land has been in my family since 1867 and it’s that same test of time that now lies at the heart of what we do here at True Grass Farms. We’ve since expanded the scope of that legacy, reaching beyond just four generations to inherit an even older wisdom: by nurturing unique natural cycles, we in turn are nurtured by the land—an understanding that reveals itself in the quality of our products as well as in the sustainability of our operation.

For us, it all begins with the grass. We commit ourselves to maintaining healthy pastureland by embracing a process of rotational grazing that depends upon the stewardship of a natural ecosystem—of which we as well as the grass are only two elements. Here we raise Black Angus cows and California Kobe, a Japanese breed, renowned for their flavor and tenderness, along with Blackworth, Berkshire and Eurasian wild hogs. Tucked within the coastal valleys of Marin County, we strive toward a more harmonious relationship with our environment so as to provide the best local source of fine beef, pork and other pasture-raised USDA-certified organic meats to our community.

We invite you to join us in forging a creative new reform of our food system while savoring the best that nature can offer. Find us at Bay-Area farmers markets or connect with us directly; we thrive upon a foundation of transparency and open communication. I pledge to provide delicious products that contribute to the health of our environment as well as to the future of our world, one plate at a time.

Grazie Mille


Guido Frosini

Pioneering a new wave of stewardship, Guido works the land by working with it, balancing the natural cycles of soil and grass with the movement of cattle, pigs and all of us whose futures depend upon restoring a healthier and more sustainable relationship with our food.



Matthew Elias

After sharpening his skills at such culinary hotspots as Bar Jules in San Francisco, Berkeley’s Eccolo, and Quiessence in Phoenix, Matt wanted to be even closer to the source of his food here at True Grass Farms. 



Howard Rice

An exemplar of Waygu excellence.



One look says it all.