Pig Share


Pastured raised pork on Organic pasture.  

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Summer 2017


Join us in building a new and more sustainable culinary communion between friends, families and farmers. Through this unique experience, individuals come together for a “pig share” – charcuterie 1 - gwen


We specialize in Large black, Berkeshire cross hogs.  These pigs are raised for their entire life on pasture.  We supplement their feed with whey, sprouted barley, yogurt and bread.  This makes for delectable pork, marbled and juicy.  Full of flavor.


No matter how small your freezer or how big your table (and why not split a share with your sister, co-workers or neighbor), we offer a variety of packages to choose from. Select your pig share from this list below, make your deposit via Paypal and pay the remainder upon distribution at your pickup location. We look forward to meeting you! And please, get in touch with any questions: truegrassfarms@live.com or 707-876-3567


         1. Side of pork  – Pig Share


  • Pork chopapprox 70 lbs* (12 lbs of steak, 18 lbs of roasts and ribs,30 lbs of ground pork or sausage, 9 lbs of belly, 2 trotters, 1 lb offal and bones)
  • All cuts are in cryo-vac and labelled.
  • $300 deposit (total cost for basic no sausage $550)

2.The Whole Hog
  • approx 140 lbs* (24 lbs of steak, 36 lbs of roasts & ribs, 60 lbs of ground pork or sausage,  18 lbs of belly, 4 trotters, 2 lbs offal and bones)
  • All cuts are in cryo-vac and labelled.
  • Spice kit: steak rubs
  • $500 deposit (total cost no sausage or smoked meats $1000)


*NOTE: While the quality remains consistent, weights vary depending upon seasonality. The above figures are averaged based upon a conservative estimate. Smoked meats cost arund $3 / lb extra.  Sausage is $2.50/lb extra.