Saturday Dec. 12th and Sunday Dec. 13th.

Oak Savanna modified final


Silvopasture: the practice of combining forestry and livestock grazing in a mutually beneficial way.


We will learn the history and ecological context of the site and the importance of observation.  We will explore how to transition basic pastureland into a drought-tolerant, multi-storied silvopasture.  We will site and plant 120+ cork oak (Quercus suber) trees, plan for multiple species of livestock grazing as well as complementary plantings, and we will be using aspects of the Keyline design system for soil-building and water retention.  

This will be an example of permanent agriculture, producing long-term yields of soil carbon, tree crops, and diversified animal proteins.  Participants will learn how to survey a landscape using a laser level and make topographic maps of project sites for optimized water use and erosion control.  Other topics will include fostering ecological succession, protecting saplings from livestock, grazing strategies, and selecting adapted species.

Onsite camping is included in the ticket price, as are three meals (two lunches and a breakfast) featuring True Grass Farm’s own pasture-raised meats and various local ingredients.

Dec. 12th from 10 am to 4 pm and Dec. 13th from 8 am to 4 pm

About the teachers:

Jeremy Watts: Permaculture designer, horticulturist and owner of an edible/ecological landscaping and consulting company ( in the SF bay area since 2007.   He has taught courses on ecomimicry, urban food forests, mushroom cultivation, fruit tree care, and compost tea brewing, as well as Permaculture Design Courses.

Guido Frosini: Executive Grazier at  True Grass Farm (see About Us)!