Every product we bring to market reflects the land on which we live, work and raise our animals, as it reflects our relationship to that land. By rotationally grazing our livestock and embracing the patterns found in Nature, we not only reduce our footprint but we work to rejuvenate the health of these pasturelands and the unique ecosystem on which they and we depend. No pesticides, no hormones, no synthetic fertilizers. Because of this, our land and the animals at True Grass Farms are certified organic by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA).


The only grass-fed and finished Wagyu beef in California, we offer steaks, ground sirloin & chuck, roasts and braising meats, as well as bones and offal. Of Kobe renown, Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle developed with a focus on quality over quantity, a patient practice of slow-growth husbandry that results in meat that is marbled, high in essential fatty acids, and uniquely delicious. Find our beef at farmers markets or check out our Cow Share program to reserve a whole, half, quarter or just a 1/16th.



We raise Tamworth, Large Black and Berkshire pigs on pasture to offer you the most humanely-produced as well as most sweet, marbled, delectable pork possible. From pork chops to spare ribs, sausage to bacon, we bring a variety of pork cuts to our farmers markets. And please get in touch for more information and options, as we also invite you to purchase a half or whole pig, with custom preparations available.



By rotating our mobile chicken coops from pasture to pasture, our free-ranging chickens are constantly finding new forage so as to provide you with the best eggs possible: sturdy whites that stand up in the skillet and deep orange yolks full of vitamins, omega 3s and a uniquely rich taste. In fact, they’re so good they rarely last so get to the farmers market early.